Chelsea Echavarria

Chelsea Echavarria, Vice President, is a seasoned client advisor and communication strategist with over a decade of experience in the field of health communications. Chelsea works with companies to develop, implement and evaluate communication strategies that help them meet their business goals. Chelsea’s keen understanding of the health communications landscape has allowed her to craft impactful, award-winning campaigns and initiatives that resonate with diverse audiences to combat issues such as smoking cessation, obesity, COVID-19, severe asthma, and diabetes prevention and management. She takes an integrated approach to communication, ensuring that messages are conveyed cohesively across various channels for a seamless and impactful brand image. Throughout her career, Chelsea has served as a trusted advisor, providing strategic counsel to clients in the health sector. Most recently, Chelsea served as a Vice President at Edelman where she led unbranded communication campaigns for a leading pharmaceutical company and implemented communication strategies to elevate its brand. Prior to her time at Edelman, Chelsea held positions at
ICF Next, the American Diabetes Association, The Obesity Society and Ketchum, serving clients in the federal government and public health space. Chelsea is active in her community, especially in the field of communications and PR. In addition to serving as a frequent mentor and speaker at the University of Maryland’s Department of Communication, Chelsea has served on the Board of Washington Women in PR for four years and will be President of the organization in 2024. Additionally, when Chelsea was at Edelman she served as a co-lead of Edelman’s Global Women’s Equality Network.

Chelsea is an alumna of the University of Maryland with a bachelor’s degree in communication and PR. She lives in Gaithersburg, MD, with her husband, two sons and dog. Chelsea’s favorite place in Washington is the Lincoln Memorial at sunrise, which she used to run to from Arlington.