Culture Committee

The Culture Committee strives to create an atmosphere at Curley that is inclusive, supportive, and respectful while also ensuring it is a fun and rewarding place to work. Through activities and CSR initiatives that motivate, inspire and encourage collaboration, the Culture Committee ensures our values are not just words on the wall but actions to live by.

We pay it forward in our community. From pro-bono clients to volunteer activities, the Curley team is passionate and excited about our philanthropic work.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. A fun, friendly and rewarding work environment is important to us!

We are curious and learn from each other. Mentorship is a two-way street, ensuring collaboration and knowledge comes from both senior and junior team members.  


Curley College

At Curley Company, we invest in ourselves. Curley College is our professional development and training program designed to both leverage the best available thinking in strategic communications and create Curley-centric customizable content tailored to each experience level. Curley supports each team member’s unique growth and professional journey from training and conferences to certifications, memberships, and hands-on mentoring.

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