Digital Growth @ Curley

Tina Anthony by Tina Anthony | February 22, 2022

With more than 300% growth in digital work across all clients, Curley’s expansion in the digital space was explosive in 2021 and we show no signs of stopping in 2022.

Curley’s digital team takes a 360 approach to incorporating digital advertising and social activations into the majority of our client’s communications plans (98% of all clients in 2021). We enjoy working hand in hand with our earned media team to incorporate digital into advocacy work, thought leadership, corporate reputation, crisis communications, influencer engagement and more.

The digital advocacy space has been a passion area for our team. At Curley we love nothing more than rolling up our sleeves and developing a digital strategy to move our client’s legislative agenda’s forward. Whether that is a grassroots Facebook campaign, working with Applecart to target key influencers, pulling together an organic Twitter strategy, or getting earned media coverage in front of the right audience with targeted LinkedIn ads – we have the experience and enthusiasm for it.

Our digital efforts are only as good the data and measurement we can show for our work. We have an emphasis on making “data driven decisions” to help highlight what is working and what we can improve on. Reporting is the backbone of our digital process; it helps us see trends that we can capitalize on to help build engagement. We always tailor our reporting to our clients’ objectives so that we remain focused on achieving their primary goals.

This is reflected in the fact that year over year they grow with us—we saw 79% organic growth last year—because we deliver smart strategies rooted in data with a focus on our values.

No matter the topic, Curley knows how to get an important message across to the right audiences at the right time. Combining both organic and paid digital strategies is what makes Curley’s approach to digital accessible, scalable, and measurable – and clients see the impact.