Curley College: Investing in Ourselves and Our Professional Development

Kiersten Hizak by Kiersten Hizak | September 7, 2021

As our nation’s children get back to school, it’s a timely reminder that continuous learning is essential, especially for those who have a curious mind and an inquisitive nature. Knowledge and avenues for learning surrounds all of us, and those who pass up the opportunity for continuous learning will find their capabilities diminish in importance and experience stagnancy while others thrive.   

Earlier this year, Curley Company launched “Curley College,” our professional development and training program designed to both leverage the best available thinking in strategic communications and create Curley-centric customizable content tailored to each experience level. From trainings and conferences to certifications, memberships, and hands-on mentoring, Curley supports the unique growth and professional journey of each team member.

When creating Curley College, we wanted to make it distinctive, while also leveraging various existing resources, partnerships, and content available to our industry and marketplace. The result is a learning and development program that is invaluable to our team members and a differentiator for prospective colleagues.

Bespoke Training

Curley College isn’t one size fits all – it is a unique training based on each employee’s talent, areas for improvement and professional goals. No two training programs are the same as no two people are the same. Learning is customized in every way possible and for every level of employee, including accounting for different styles of learning. 

Curley-Centric Content

We are utilizing both industry resources and best practices while also creating Curley-centric trainings. One example is a module our President and CEO, Jennifer Curley, created “Curley Values: Why We Work Here, What Makes us Distinctive & How to Talk About it.” We dedicate our time to ensure we are all actively learning new skills and sharing what we’ve learned from external trainings through “Lunch & Learns” and other team-wide activities. 

Each member at Curley has unique set of skills and lessons they can contribute to the team and we believe that mentorship is a two-way street. Collaboration and knowledge comes from both senior and junior team members. 

Core to Our Operations

We have made Curley College a priority by putting resource and structure to it so that managers and team members appreciate the importance of investing in their futures. Each Curley team member has dedicated resources to ensure they are taking courses, attending conferences or workshops each quarter. 

In addition to investing in ourselves, our talent and their futures, Curley College is investing in our clients. Ensuring our team has the competitive edge, sharpest critical thinking, and latest information in the ever-changing world of PR is beneficial to our clients as we partner with them to create smart communications to achieve their goals. 

What do you do to be a lifelong learner?