Giving Back on Giving Tuesday

Hannah Belt by Hannah Belt | November 30, 2021

In October 2021, the Curley Team volunteered at Dress for Success Washington, DC’s fall Donation Day. Dress For Success Washington, DC (DFSWDC) is a nonprofit that helps women address every phase of their careers, from being unemployed and job searching to professional development once they are employed. The DFSWDC mission is to empower women to achieve economic independence, breaking the cycle of poverty. As a women-owned and led company, empowering other women to succeed professionally and personally is cause that we intentionally support at Curley Company.

At the Donation Day event, we assisted with the collection and sorting of professional clothing from community members. It was an extremely inspiring day for myself and other members of the Curley Team to see the outpouring of support Dress for Success received—especially from people that were so happy to give. The Donation Day in its entirety resulted in more than 1,000 items donated and more than 60 volunteers assisting with the event.

Although the main event was collecting donations, Curley’s involvement began much sooner as we helped with strategy and the creation of materials for Donation Day, including digital graphics, flyers, and a social media campaign to promote the event. In order for Dress for Success to fully serve their clients, it starts with their brand awareness in the community and ensuring their mission and the services they offer are understood. Curley regularly assists with this by managing Dress for Success’ social media accounts and helping with big-picture strategy sessions for how to advance the mission of the organization.

Why Does Curley Give Back?

This partnership with Dress for Success is key to our House Rules – what we call our company values. Even though our values are not mutually exclusive and frequently have overlap in how they appear in our work, below are a few of the rules that I feel show why Curley gives back.

We will effect change, have an impact, and see the tangible results of our work.

Every part of this rule is why we give back. By partnering with community organizations, our ultimate goal is to make an impact in the community and be able to see the results of that impact, which involves bettering the lives of community members in some way.

We treat people with kindness and respect.

The goal of many nonprofits is to serve underrepresented or disadvantaged individuals. Our sixth rule at Curley Company exemplifies our nonprofit partnerships because we believe all people deserve to be treated with kindness and respect, which sometimes requires support from nonprofit organizations. In order to carry out our values, it’s important that Curley partners with organizations that spread kindness and respect.

We are inspired to work in DC and to lead in the ever-evolving communications industry.

Our DC knowledge gives us an advantage to serving our clients, but it also inspires us to better the DC community through our local nonprofits. We are not just an agency in the heart of DC, but DC is in the heart of our agency.

While Curley Company gives to nonprofits through their communications expertise and by volunteering their time, there are also many other ways for you to give yourself to the nonprofits that you care about.

How Can You Give on Giving Tuesday?

Giving to nonprofits, whether it’s your time through volunteering or your dollars, is especially important on Giving Tuesday, the global movement meant to promote generosity among community members. These nonprofits rely on the support of the community to carry out their work, and Giving Tuesday is the perfect opportunity to give.

Another easy way to show your support for local nonprofits is by simply sharing their content, such as sharing their Facebook posts or Tweets. This simple action can do so much to promote the mission of the organization to others and to increase awareness of the important work they do for the community. So, for this year’s Giving Tuesday, be sure to share posts from your favorite nonprofit organizations!

Nonprofits and community causes have always been a passion of mine, especially in my communications career. That’s why I am so grateful to be a part of the Curley Team where giving back is a top priority. Together, we all are working to make an impact on our community, and we hope that you join us on this Giving Tuesday.