Taking Time to ‘Think’ Before We ‘Do’

Greg Wilson by Greg Wilson | October 3, 2019

“I’m too busy doing what’s already on my plate.”

“This is the way we’ve always done it.”

“We’re understaffed so we couldn’t even implement a new idea no matter how great it is.”

These are the most typical responses we hear when asking association PR teams about their commitment to brainstorming new and different ways to achieve their communications goals. Sadly, the momentum of the “old way” smothers the opportunity to try new approaches, channels and methods.

If you ask an artist to paint a picture, they will spend more than half the time preparing their brushes, paint and canvas. Brainstorming fills the palette with the full-color spectrum.  

Chasing tactical executions without stopping to consider the evolution of strategy usually leads to stale, outdated efforts that keep the team busy, but don’t move the association, or its mission, forward.

Particularly in a world with nonstop social media and ever-changing news stories, associations can benefit from having quarterly PR brainstorming sessions with outside consultants or a public relations firm. We all know how unforeseen events can render a carefully designed communications plan largely ineffective within a few months of its implementation.

PR professionals need to be flexible, adaptable and creative in their responses. Conducting regular brainstorming and assessment sessions can help create timely and situation-specific strategies. Keep it fresh by spending some important think time with outsiders who are public relations and communications pros. It will be time well spent.

Curley association clients often hire us for dedicated quarterly brainstorms to solve for the lack of time to think and to bring fresh eyes and perspectives. Let us know if we can help you prep your palette so you can create your next masterpiece.