I Get to Have Impact at Curley!

Yolanda Malry by Yolanda Malry | January 6, 2023

Anyone who has talked to me in the past year knows I have found my dream job! I found a place that truly cares about their staff members holistically, which I have never encountered in all my years of working.

And now that I have taken the job, I get to have an impact on the Culture. To me, culture is a collection of feelings and thoughts you have about your company or business based on the experiences or interactions that you have at that company or business. Culture can sometimes be an intangible thing. It is your perception of the group of people that you work with and the experiences you have with that group of people (individually and collectively). Culture is the driving force of how you feel about waking up and going to work. There can be exceptional culture, and unfortunately, there can be bad culture and everything in between.

Culture is ALWAYS the People!

Without people – there is no PR firm.

Now, I get to help make sure we take care of our people.  At Curley, we have programs to celebrate the employee of the month; recognize the team’s accomplishments with Wins & Wows; acknowledge staff birthdays and work anniversaries! Curley also prioritizes mental health by providing wellness consultations and paid memberships to mindfulness apps.  And our benefits are superior.

Currently, I am leading the newly formed Culture Committee—Culture 2.0—with Abby Listerman, Account Supervisor, and Hannah Belt, Associate Account Manager. We have taken on the charge of improving the already amazing culture at Curley by organizing social events and volunteer opportunities for staff annually. We will also partner on planning monthly all-staff collaboration days and find new and innovative ways to improve the culture at Curley.

I am reflecting on when I first met Jennifer Curley virtually over Zoom, I could feel her passion and love for the PR firm that she has built over the last 20 years. She has poured her heart into creating a place where people would want to work, and I felt every bit of her magic from day one. Then a bit later, I was introduced to KayAnn Schoeneman, our President, for a meeting with her and Jennifer. It felt like I was sitting down with the most down-to-earth power duo I have ever experienced. This was the meeting to discuss the HR/Operations position at Curley, and I have NEVER wanted to work somewhere as much as I wanted to work for Curley Company. Jennifer and KayAnn’s vibes were what I wanted for my career and personal growth – I could just tell; they were what I needed in my life. Most importantly, they cared about every staff member, and it showed.

Once I started the position, it was very important for me as HR & Operations to meet the entire staff. I prioritized having one on one meetings with each member of the team. What a welcoming group of diverse, talented, funny, open, and honest people. I have enjoyed getting to know each of them, and it makes me happy that I have the chance to impact their experiences at Curley.

Finally, one of the most impactful things I gathered from the conversation that first day with Jennifer and KayAnn was how committed Curley is to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB). They have been working on their DEIB plan over the course of the past year, and the work never stops. DEIB is extremely important to me as a woman of color. And now, I have a seat at the table to partner with Jennifer and KayAnn to lead the future of our DEIB plan along with our DEIB consultant, Monica Almond, from The Almond Group.

Needless to say – this job never feels like work to me. It is the position I have always wanted at my DREAM COMPANY. And with the opportunity to work with the most wonderful staff and colleagues. Dreams do come TRUE!

Curley Company is THE BEST PLACE to WORK!