Wellness @ Curley

Jessica Sklar by Jessica Sklar | March 21, 2022

In recent years, there has been a clear shift in the way we talk about work-life-balance and selfcare. More and more organizations have started to better understand and promote the importance of overall wellness in and outside of the workplace and are taking the appropriate steps to ensure team members don’t just survive, but thrive, in everyday life. 

Curley Company’s employee manual recently changed to reflect this, offering a quarterly stipend to reimburse team members for wellness-related expenses. With a few months of this new benefit under our belt, I reached out to the Curley team to learn more about what wellness means to them – and to get inspired to try something new that I might not have considered before.

Achieving mental wellness through physical activity was a common theme for many Curley team members. Vice President of Finance & Operations Denise Kalten loves to take yoga and cardio group fitness classes, as does Abby Listerman, Senior Account Manager, Digital. 

Abby loves the break fitness classes provide and the opportunity to put down her phone and close her laptop. “Like many, I am addicted to my phone and the endless scroll of the newsfeeds. I love working in the digital space, but it also means I am glued to a screen, inundated with notifications and reacting to updates all day. That’s why I love group fitness classes. It is an hour of my day where I can’t look at my screen, I don’t get notifications and I don’t have to stay up to date with what is going on outside of my own body and mind. I just listen to music, push myself, listen to my needs, and breathe. I notice a direct correlation between my mental health and my attendance in classes. To hold myself accountable, I prebook my classes for the week each Sunday and add them to my calendar. There are certainly days that I have to drag myself to the studio and am only able to muster 10% of usual effort towards class, but I always feel better just taking the time for myself. It is invaluable time in which I can just be Abby – not Senior Account Manager Abby, partner Abby, dog mom Abby, friend Abby, daughter Abby, or sister Abby. Just Abby.”

Some employees prefer to spend time outside to recharge. Erika Dyer, Account Supervisor, purchased new hiking boots with her wellness credit, helping her prepare for a 16-mile charity hike benefitting Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic.

Wellness at Curley goes beyond the stipend. Our flexible and unlimited PTO policy means that employees are encouraged to take time in a meaningful way that provides a true break from work. Kiersten Hizak, Account Supervisor, Digital, takes advantage of these benefits by scheduling “me days” with no planned programming. 

Kiersten shares, “I just let the day take me wherever it may go. I might sleep in, catch up on some chores I’ve been pushing off, or read a book I’ve had my eye on. But with the new wellness stipend I’ve been able to add a little extra something special to my day! This quarter I decided to get a facial I had been wanting to try. It was such a nice addition to my “me day” and I’m looking forward to finding new activities to add to my selfcare routine.” 

Wellness is achieved in a personalized way that’s different for every employee. Some people might have more established routines, while others get excited about trying something new – but whatever works, prioritizing the things important to you is what wellness is all about.