Celebrating National Intern Day!

Jessica Sklar by Jessica Sklar | July 28, 2021

At Curley, interns are an essential part of our team. From supporting client work to participating in brainstorms and joining our company culture events, our interns make a difference each and every day. To celebrate National Intern Day, we interviewed our summer interns, Robin Boch and Ryan Young, to learn more about their experience at Curley Company, memories they’ve made and the skills they’ve developed over the past month.

Q: Why Curley?

Ryan: I love Curley because of its close-knit, dynamic team. During my time at Curley, I have gotten to work closely with every single member of the team on at least one project. This creates a trust that helps foster creative solutions to client problems. It has been terrific to be able to witness this environment as an intern.

Robin: I decided to take part in Curley’s internship program because I knew it would allow me to explore my interests in both communications and policy. My previous public relations internships taught me useful skills, but my Curley internship has given me more opportunities to see an actual impact from my work and make me feel like what I do is driven toward a purpose. I feel an important connection with my clients, my coworkers, and the work I do.

Q: During your time at Curley, what’s been your favorite memory?

Robin: My favorite part about working with Curley has been receiving growing responsibilities that challenge me and test my limits, while also making me feel more confident as a professional in the field. Running clients’ social media accounts, writing official Curley Company insights posts, pitching op-eds and potential stories to reporters, and live-tweeting policy events have been some of my favorite projects. Everyone at Curley has respected me as a member of the team and allowed me to use my own skills and instincts to get important work done.

Ryan: My favorite memory is the week that I worked in-person at Curley’s Washington, D.C. office. The energy that came from being surrounded by the team was infectious and I loved, after months of working remotely, being able to see everyone face-to-face.

Q: What are your biggest learnings from your internship with Curley?

Robin: While I had worked with content creation, research, and other basic tasks through previous internships, while at Curley, I was able to learn much more about the strategy and reasoning behind every decision. During every project I work on, I receive insight from every step. This has included contributing to the original brainstorming session, attending client calls, receiving feedback on my work, and eventually seeing the impact that I helped affect. In addition to being a skilled writer and communicator, I am now a more strategic thinker, making me an asset to any project or team.

Ryan: My biggest learning from my time at Curley Company is that growth doesn’t occur within your comfort zone. So many of my best client experiences came when I was out of my comfort zone and tried new things. The great thing about Curley Company is that when I was taking a risk, I knew I still had a team behind me helping me to succeed. Moving into future positions, I will continue to push myself out of my comfort zone and to seek additional guidance when needed, so that I can be successful when trying new things.

Interested in interning at Curley? We’re currently accepting applications for our Fall Intern position. Learn more and apply at https://curleycompany.com/careers/fall-intern/.