Sustaining Impactful Communications Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

Jennifer Curley by Jennifer Curley | May 11, 2020

As you continue to evolve and pivot during this critical time, impactful communication needs to be the cornerstone to your organization’s strategy.

Whether it’s a detailed email outlining new processes and procedures, an image on your Twitter handle that details new services, or a heart-felt video for your employees, communication is key right now.

As we see how the situation continues to change, we are advising our clients on several themes and trends that will impact their communications strategy: 

  • This next phase will be even harder. The first phase was difficult. We moved quickly, made tough decisions and engaged in a world forever changed. This next phase will be longer, and organizations will need to have the stamina to continue communicating at a very high level for many months. Making decisions will also be challenging as businesses and organizations evolve into new ways of doing business and/or discontinue in areas that are impractical or not lucrative.
  • Be prepared for the long tail. Organizations and industries will face hardships at different times, as their financial situation dictates. There are still challenging economic times to come. Don’t be caught off guard.
  • Incorporate lessons learned for the next phases. Most health experts agree there will be another wave in the fall, which will require another round of closures. If that happens, let’s make sure we are taking what we have learned from this phase to make us better equipped for the next.
  • Digital communication is still king. We are starting to see pockets of the country reopen, but the inconsistency will mean there will still be many people engaging in digital for their main source of information. Also, we don’t expect any large gatherings (think events, conferences, meetings, travel) until, potentially, 2021.
  • Be a memorable brand – for all the right reasons. Consumers won’t forget the brands and individuals who were there for them in their time of need. And they really won’t forget the brands that didn’t get it right during a global pandemic. Consumers are discerning, and they can spot inauthenticity a mile away. To maintain and grow your reputation among your stakeholders, remain true to your organization’s values, especially when it’s most difficult to do so.