The Women of Curley Celebrate Women’s History Month

Jennifer Curley by Jennifer Curley | March 7, 2024

SEE our impact; hear our ROAR

As we kick off Women’s History Month every March, I can’t help but feel a deep sense of pride in the women around me, both in my personal life and my professional life.  These women make me think about the classic tune – Helen Reddy’s 1972 hit “I Am Woman.”

For me and I am sure others, Reddy’s lyrics play immediately in our heads: “I am woman.  Hear me ROAR.”  My teenage daughters will cringe when they read this because I am sure they think I am referring to Katy Perry’s version of the song.  No matter which song you prefer, the central message remains the same: We are women.  And we are roaring.

Here at Curley Company, our women do more than roar.  We are proud to be a women-owned and women-led organization that keeps our values at the center.  Each and every day, our team shows up to do our best work in service to our clients, with empathy for each other and with the goal of driving excellence in the world around us. And as a result, we SEE our impact.

On International Women’s Day, we asked the women of Curley to share the day-to-day accomplishments they’re most proud of.  As you can see, our women do much more than roar.  These are some of the successes they chose to highlight:

They Lead. They Problem-Solve. They Mentor. They Are Creative. They Empower Others. They Deliver Results.

This month, as we highlight the amazing progress that women leaders have achieved around the world, I am equally moved by the day-to-day brilliance I see in the women on my team and in my daily life.  We are pioneers.  We are creatives.  We are changemakers.  We are women.  Hear us ROAR.

Follow Curley Company on LinkedIn and Instagram throughout Women’s History Month as we continue to highlight the women on our team and their inspiring work. 

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