Blog: Six Simple Steps to Sharpen Your Writing Skills

Sarah Franklin by Sarah Franklin | February 6, 2024

Gen Z has a reputation for being terrible writers.
And maybe we’ve earned it. After all, most of our writing happens over text message or in the DMs. But to excel in your life and career, whether you work in PR or rocket science, you need to know how to express your ideas through writing.
People who believe they are bad writers will always be bad writers. Like any skill, writing improves with practice.
Stick with it. ✍️
Here are six simple steps I take to keep my writing skills sharp:

1. Read Regularly

Read one page of published content daily.

If you’re not a reader, start by finding books you enjoy. They can be anything from non-fiction to romance novels. Your bookshelf is your business!

2. Write Every Day

Take time today to write something that’s not a text or email.

Keep a journal. You’ll work your writing muscles and document memories you’ll cherish someday.

3. Seek Feedback

Seek out a trusted writing mentor and ask for their opinion of your work.

Their criticism will make you stronger. Take it seriously.

4. Consider Your Audience

A reader’s age, location, job title, or interests could completely change the tone of your writing.

One style does not fit all.

5. Focus on Clarity

The average American reads at a 7th grade level.

Keep it simple.

6. Read Your Work Aloud

If it sounds weird when you read it, you should rewrite it.