Interning @ Curley

Jessica Nguyen by Jessica Nguyen | July 28, 2022

Being a recent graduate in a post-pandemic job market can be daunting, but proactively gaining work experience through internships can help you ease into the working world one step at a time. 

I started my internship at Curley Company in February 2022, and I immediately started to develop skills in media research, social content development and more. What I love most about Curley is that I was treated like an equal on the team regardless of my role, an experience that is unfortunately hard to find. Whether it was speaking with clients in meetings or spearheading a digital content strategy plan, I had the opportunity to live out the Curley value of leading from every seat as an intern.

Transitioning from my prior experience in digital media for local government to an agency in the private sector taught me how to adapt to the diverse needs of our clients. My internship at Curley expanded my knowledge on communications and public relations in the span of three months, and these are some of the key insights that I discovered help make the most out of an agency internship.

Be curious.

I believe that you get exactly what you put into any experience, meaning that you are only as good as the questions you ask. It took a long time for me to realize that asking questions was not a sign of weakness but instead shows your peers that you are invested in your work. Knowing the intricacies of each client can be hard to fully grasp when starting at an agency, so asking for clarity and even doing your own research can set yourself up for success!

Adopt a people-centric work ethic.

Being “people-centric” simply means being a good human in the workplace and having that show in your work. It is easy to get caught up in the pressure of servicing multiple companies with such different needs, but if you start to think of the potential to reach diverse audiences with what you create, you can humanize your work. Storytelling is the foundation of strategic communications regardless of the medium; therefore, recognizing the unique qualities of different target audiences can help you tailor meaningful messages. Prioritizing how you can connect with other people on a genuine level also produces strong client relationships and content deliverables with positive impact.

Bring your best self to the table.

Showing up authentically and confidently is essential in any internship. Being a young woman of color in a professional setting, I often doubted what I was capable of due to past experiences, but Curley welcomed me with open arms and provided a safe space for me to share my ideas. Knowing how your unique identity informs your contributions to the workplace sets the tone for you to show up for yourself and your team. Remember that you were hired for a reason and that you are more than capable for the job!

Working at Curley full-time as an Associate Account Manager would not be as smooth of a transition if it were not for the insightful internship I had beforehand. I am honored to work with a team full of smart, talented and driven people, and I cannot wait to learn more from them every day. 

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Check out the video Jess created while she was an intern to showcase Curley Company and our values.