Our 2020 Communications Resolutions

Greg Wilson by Greg Wilson | January 30, 2020

The first of the year is often when everyone begins to put their resolutions into action. Everyone loves a fresh start. It’s one of the many reasons we enjoy celebrating the new year. It’s an opportunity to reflect on our successes and identify lessons learned as we plan for the year ahead.

As professional communications consultants, we strive to continually enhance our approach to communications—for our clients and our mission.

It’s already the end of January–don’t let this month get away without a plan of action for self-improvement! Here are five resolutions we’ve committed to that can also help your organization amplify your message:

  1. Be authentic. Know who you are and stick to your voice. 
  2. Be brief. We are suffering from information overload. Smart brevity is a breath of fresh air.
  3. Be timely. Hone messages and approval processes. Be proactive with opportunities. 
  4. Be current. Build relatable narratives and consider links, emojis, memes and GIFs. Aim for engagement and clever content.
  5. Be flexible. If a message isn’t working, change it. Listen to your members and utilize feedback. 

Good things take time. Not all resolutions can be achieved overnight. But as you begin your journey into 2020, remember that you can achieve your objectives by finding purpose, being strategic and committing to success. Need help? Curley can assist as you plan your road map to reaching your goals.

-Greg Wilson, Senior Vice President, Curley Company