Curley Reflects Back on 16 Years & Our 16 Favorite Memories

Jennifer Curley by Jennifer Curley | August 28, 2018

In honor of Curley’s “Sweet 16” anniversary, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Curley memories. From happy hours in D.C. to hustling on the Hill, the Curley Team has shared some happy times. Here’s to another 16 years of Curley field trips, company milestones, and client wins!


  1. Spending Time on the Other Side of the Camera

We decided to walk the walk and make a video for ourselves. Our social engagement went through the roof, proving just how impactful video content can be.


  1. Seeing our Clients’ Name in “Lights”

Being in the PR business, our job is to get positive media coverage for our clients, but it’s still exciting to see the hits come in and light up our coverage dashboard.


  1. Feeling Inspired

The Curley Team traveled from coast to coast to help build a CSR campaign for one of our clients. Seeing the smiles of local veterans across the country as they received free dental care was a reward in and of itself.


  1. Making an Entrance

We helped launch a bill in the House of Representatives with digital campaigns and stakeholder and media outreach. Seeing our hashtag pop up across the country showed us that our hard work paid off!

  1. Engaging in Heated Debates

When brainstorming for a Halloween-themed graphic, the Curley Team dived into a heated debate on which candies truly belonged in the “underappreciated” category. The result was a hilarious cartoon all about reputation management (of course!).


  1. Interviewing a #DC Celeb

We had a great time helping our friends at WAMU celebrate the first anniversary of the 1A show. As fans of the show, interviewing host Joshua Johnson on camera was one of our favorite memories of the year!


  1. Hitting Our Marks

We hit (and are now passing) our $2 million revenue mark. It feels good to see our hard work pay off (literally).

  1. Sailing in the Rain

For Curley’s bi-annual retreat, we took a party bus from our office to Annapolis and sailed on the boat from Wedding Crashers. It was windy and rainy, but we laughed so hard it made it all worthwhile!

  1. Making Big Moves

This summer, we officially signed the lease to our new office space. We celebrated how far we’ve come and how much room we have to grow.


  1. Bonding Over Wine & Truffle Mac n’ Cheese 

After our monthly team meeting, we headed over to La Vie, a new venue on The Wharf with great wine, oysters, and (of course) truffle mac n’ cheese.


  1.  Coming Out on Top

Small but mighty, the Curley Team beat out several top PR firms in a recent bid for new business.

  1.  Sharing the Most Important Meal of the Day

We love when it is bagel or burrito Friday at Curley Co. — the perfect way to start a productive day!


  1. Getting in Touch With Our ~Roots~

The team took a tour of the U.S. Botanic Garden and learned some interesting facts about plants and the history of the garden.



  1. Making an Impact

After running campaigns for state legislation surrounding women’s health in Connecticut and Texas, we were able to see our efforts come to fruition when the bills were signed into law.

  1.  Switching Things Up in the Summer

The Curley team loves summer Fridays.  We have the flexibility to work remotely and sometimes get a jump on our weekend plans.


  1.  Going Digital

This year, Curley decided to practice what we preach and go digital. We published our first e-book on Next-Generation PR tactics, and we’re excited to publish more!