Five PR Lessons from the Musical “Hamilton”

Emma Jekowsky by Emma Jekowsky | December 19, 2016

You may know Alexander Hamilton as the face of the $10 bill, but the founding father without a father also had a serious knack for public relations. Here are the top five lessons we learned from the musical inspired by his life:

  1. “Who tells your story?” Thoughtfully crafting compelling messaging and a powerful narrative can propel your organization’s legacy.
  2. “The room where it happens.” When the stakeholders that matter most to your organization are making decisions, you want to have a seat at the table.
  3. “Do not throw away your shot.” In a moment of crisis, having a strategic response at the ready is critical to setting the record straight.
  4. “Your reputation precedes you.” Your reputation can make or break your organization’s success. Tell your story before someone else tells it for you.
  5. “Let’s get this guy in front of a crowd.” Sharing the hard-won wisdom you have earned can help position you as a thought leader among your organization’s key influencers.