Busy Morning with NBC

Today, I was honored to spend the morning with Angie Goff of NBC Washington (WRC-TV). We discussed the challenges of how to juggle work and family while I got my daughter, Catherine, out the door to school. We talked about how to get back into the daily routine, and how to balance your child’s school and activities with work. View the segment here! 

JC Angie Goff photo 2

Jennifer (left) gives Angie a demo of Activity Rocket, an online tool to help busy parents manage all of their kids’ activities .


For me, it’s all about being hyper-organized. Some friends of mine have made it easy to plan with a great website called Activity Rocket. It helps busy parents manage all of their kids’ activities and allows you to search and book activities, compare classes side-by-side, and easily coordinate and share information and ideas with other parents.

What a great tool! I gave Angie a demo of the site and showed her all of the cool features. Then we walked Catherine to the bus and I started part two of my day at Curley Company.

The Most Underrated Skill for a New Hire

Shh Kelly blog post

Kelly puts the skill of silence to work during a meeting.

It’s your first time in an office, first time in a “real” job and your first time speaking in a room where you aren’t called on when you raise your hand and everyone has years of experience under their belt. You’re not sure if you should be trying to contribute a lot or bouncing ideas off of your co-workers, but the one thing you do know is that you don’t want to be silent. However, silence might be the most underutilized skill that “new kids” can use in a meeting.

For budding, type-A, go-getters, it can be hard not to fill in the empty space. But if you can harness silence to reign in and organize your hundred-mile-a-minute thought processes, what comes next might surprise you.

Mastering the art of silence was one of the first tasks I took on at Curley Company. I was always the girl with her hand up in class, and always spoke my mind in our Student Government meetings. I always had something to say, and my words were always ten steps ahead of my thoughts. On my first day at Curley, Jennifer challenged me to use my ideas and enthusiasm for “good, not evil.” So I forced myself to be a sponge and decided just to listen. I developed a method for active listening via preparedness so that if I were asked to contribute, my thoughts were concise and strategic. It also helped me resist the urge to jump in!

Four weeks later, I travelled back up to my university for a retreat with the Board of Trustees.  As the youngest in the room, I knew this was the time to practice and put my work to the test. Discussing changes to their beloved alma mater always gets the trustees in the room a little heated. By the last day, everything was on the table from the trustees, but my colleague, the other Student Delegate, and I had not yet weighed in on the topics. I waited patiently for our turn to speak, and I was prepared and poised with four pages of notes and three bullet points to drive home.

With three sentences carefully crafted and refined over three days, I weighed in on the topic. I was strategic and concise. That was our plan, and it succeeded.

When used strategically, silence can be a hidden gem in your arsenal of skills. By knowing when to emphasize quality over quantity, you can master the skill of the strategic strike and really move a room surrounded by experts in the field.

Shhh…it’s a secret!



#HillTasteTest pic collage for blog
Yesterday, Curley Company headed to Capitol Hill to host our first-ever #HillTasteTest event!  We set up a delicious display of candy and chocolates, courtesy of Sugar & Ice, in the Cannon House Office Building and invited professional staffers to join us for treats, social media tips and a short survey.

We asked staffers to answer 10 questions related to social media use, to  find out how their congressional offices like to share and receive information and how best to engage with them. This survey will let us know how they want content delivered to them, how they want to share content with their constituents, and on what channels they want to push that content out.

The #HillTasteTest was a hit! We’ll be rolling out the results in mid-September, so be sure to follow @CurleyCompany and #HillTasteTest on Twitter and check back for the full survey results.