Curley Hacks

Jennifer Curley by Jennifer Curley

Keith Bradford’s Life Hacks was on my Christmas list last year, and I thoroughly enjoyed this quirky, yet resourceful book designed to solve the problems of everyday life. As someone who solves problems for a living, I was drawn to the simple solutions for every day challenges and tricks for any issue or ailment a reader could imagine – from stains to scars to savings.  I am now delighted to know that a hot spoon can cure a mosquito bite!

At Curley, we strive to be a resourceful partner to our clients. Much like the tips and tricks in Bradford’s book, we succeed by being imaginative, focusing on the details and employing thoughtful solutions.

A few of my personal PR Hacks are resources like Slack, which make it easier to share information with my team. I also live by newsletters such as Axios, which provide quick, digestible and relevant information to start my day. Finally, the Harvard Business Review, delivers weekly management and leadership tips to inspire my thinking and actions as I lead the company.

Our gift to clients (and you) this year is to share some of our clever yet practical “hacks” for success:

    • Drawing your ideas during a brainstorm can inspire creativity and appeal to the visual thinkers in the group.
    • Screenshot it! This is a great way to remember something cool for later.
    • When you walk by a newsstand, flip through the publications – it might inspire you to read something new.
    • Block off “think time” on your calendar and treat it like a meeting you cannot miss.
    • Turn 30 minute meetings into 15 minutes and look at all the found time in your schedule.
    • Texts are not just for friends. Sending yourself a text is a great reminder.

At Curley, we are always looking for the next “hack” – a different perspective, a new strategy or an innovative approach. Whether it’s something as simple as curing an itchy mosquito bite, or as intricate as creating a multifaceted client digital campaign, we’re motivated by finding original, uncommon ways to get results.

Happy Hacking!